Watch Norwegian freeriders Makken Haugen hurtle down the amazing looking Bessengen ridgeline.

We know what you’re thinking: another day, another ridge riding video. Ridge riding videos seem to be the new black. Normally they’re all about slow, teetery, try-not-to-die riding. Not this time.

Makken is absolutely flying down this thing!

Makken is one of those rare riders who actually looks fast on video. Once he’s off the ridgeline stuff he then breaks loose across some rubble strewn paths – that remind us quite a bit of Snowdon’s Ranger Trail actually – he hits a dirt singletrack rut in the vegeatation line and is just… hauling.

Filmmakers’ description: “Hold your breath as the freeride mountain biker Makken Haugen tackles Besseggen, one of Norway’s highest ridgelines. Normally off limits to two-wheeled visitors, Norway’s famed Jotunheimen area met Mads André ‘Makken’ Haugen with perfect conditions for cycling; sunshine, good visibility and little wind, and the exposed ridgeline and loose terrain made for one helluva descent.”