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O'Neal Stinger II


O’Neal Stinger II review


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The original O’Neal Stinger was bulky, especially in the heel, and had a tongue that bunched up when you tightened the laces. We gave it an eight out of ten, but this year’s version has undergone some major changes.

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The mark two is a lot sleeker, and sits flatter on the top of the foot. It’s also slimmer in the heel, so absorbs less water. Weight has been shed too, with some curvature in the sole, which means it mates better when the pedal has a bit of built-in concavity.

Like all the shoes here, the Stinger II has a soft rubber sole that O’Neal describes as being the ultimate balance between grip and foot repositioning.

We initially measured the sole at just over 60A, but it softens as it wears, because it’s now measuring around 55A. This is good news, because, out of the box, the Stinger II doesn’t grip the pedal as well as Five Tens, especially in damp conditions.

Comfortable, hardwearing and good  value, and if you don’t like the locked-in feel of Five Ten, the O’Neal Stinger II is the one to go for.

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Weight:910g (pair)
Colours:blue, orange, black