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Bike Yoke Revive dropper post


Bike Yoke Revive dropper post review


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The Bike Yoke Revive is stunning, well made, easy to use and the most versatile post out there. It’s also lightweight and reliable.

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Bike Yoke worked on its post for over a decade, and that’s obvious in terms of design quality and details, never mind how the Revive is such a smooth operator with a super light remote action.

bike yoke revive

Internally it’s unique and doesn’t use an internal floating piston to separate air and oil because Bike Yoke reckons this is fundamentally problematic. By eliminating extra IFP seals (and the precise tolerances) required to prevent air mixing with oil that potentially makes posts spongy at full extension, it also uses less dynamic seals (two) for more fluidity and reduced friction.

Air can still get where it shouldn’t, especially if you transport your bike laid down or store it at an angle, but there’s a clever feature to revive this. Turning a 4mm hex port and compressing the post by hand allows a ‘Reset’ valve to restore the hydraulic circuit. It effectively rebalances the system in seconds, without having to even remove it from the bike.

bike yoke revive

Some might not like the idea of even such minimal fiddling, but it’s foolproof and fast, plus we’ve not reset the latest Revive once now it uses an extra rubber membrane to further resist hydraulic mixing, and that includes multiple flights in a bike bag and months of riding.

On top of this neat reset feature, the whole user experience is top drawer, from the materials and bolts chosen, to the ultra-low clamp and collar that affords best-in-test seat clearance. Bike Yoke’s post even has a low weight relative to each height drop and shallow insertion depth to suit more frames. The price is top end, but with one of the best under-bar remotes to go with its silky smooth action, this is a perfectly conceived product.



Weight:539g post, 33g rmeote
Diameter:30.9mm, 31.6mm
Height options:125mm, 160mm, 185mm