The feature-packed Topeak JoeBlow is a floor pump and tubeless tyre inflator that's versatile and efficient.

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Topeak JoeBlow Tubi 2Stage


  • Fast and efficient inflation, high pressure and high volume options, clear valve head,


  • Hose is too short, too much flex in handle, gauge isn't very accurate, fiddly valve head


Topeak JoeBlow Tubi 2Stage floor pump review


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The name is a mouthful but the Topeak JoeBlow Tubi 2Stage does have a long list of features, including the elements you’d expect from a pump that aims to be one of the best mountain bike floor pumps on the market…but it’s let down by a few things.

First off, it’s a two-stage pump that converts from high volume (HV) to high pressure (HP) by simply toggling a switch on the top of the shaft. You can get up to a good rideable pressure in about 20 strokes and then top this up by quickly switching to high pressure mode.

The Tubi 2Stage is also tubeless specific but rather than having a secondary chargeable chamber, it actually has a feature in the head that allows you to unthread the valve core and pump air directly into the tyre. This technique is well known in tubeless circles because you have an uninterrupted flow of air that’s better able to seat a tubeless tyre. The difference here is the air doesn’t leak out.

Detail photo of Topeak JoeBlow Tubi 2Stage floor pump and tubeless tyre inflator

The head is made from a clear material, so you can see what you’re doing but the problem is it’s fiddly to get the valve extractor onto the stem and we’ve actually had the valve fall out of the holder a few times. In fact, we reckon it’s easier to do the job manually simply because once you’ve seated the tyre beads they’re not going to pop out and you can then refit the core and top up the tyre normally.

We have a couple of other criticisms – the hose is too short at 95cm, the plastic handle flexes quite a bit, it lacks an accurate gauge and the adapter for Schrader valves seems like an afterthought – when we tried to fit it, it just leaked air.


The JoeBlow Tubi 2Stage is fast and efficient and the ‘Tubi’ technology is unique but it does add about £40 to the price. For the amount of time it saves that is quite a big investment especially since you can do this manually.


Hose length:90cm