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Topeak Joeblow Twin Turbo


Topeak Joeblow Twin Turbo review


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The Topeak Joeblow Twin Turbo is a new idea from Topeak, designed to satisfy the demands of mountain bikers — who want to dump big volume into their tyres…

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… and roadies, who want to be able to achieve high pressures. It does both admirably, but most interestingly it’s also a pump that’ll seat tubeless tyres, such is the rate of air it can deliver through the long four foot hose.

Most pumps generate either big volume or high pressure, but the Joeblow Twin Turbo achieves both thanks to its two barrels. Topeak says when you pull up the pump’s handle up, air is moved from the large barrel to the small — push down and you force that air into the smaller barrel, compressing it and pumping it out the hose at high pressure. This means the pump dumps air on both its push and pull strokes, 858cc per stroke in fact, which is more than double that of the Joeblow Booster, our favourite pump to date.

Pump really vigorously and this stupendous volume of air seated every tyre and rim combination I tried: tyres from Maxxis, Schwalbe and Specialized, and rims from Stans, Hope, eThirteen and Specialized. Setting up tyres is hit and miss operation, some rim and tyre combos are extremely difficult and I won’t pretend I tried them all, but to date it’s not let me down.

The Twin Turbo is backed up by a host of useful features that compliment its usefulness. The huge 3in diameter gauge sits at the top of the pump so you can never be in doubt as to your tyre’s pressure, while the chuck at the end of the hose features Topeak’s SmartHead that securely docks with either presta or schraeder valves. It’s stable in use, and the whole thing is made from aluminium and has a well-built feel. At £180 though this is one expensive pump, its performance is amazing but I’d still argue the Joeblow Booster is a better option because it’s cheaper and doesn’t require as much effort to seat tubeless tyres.


Max pressure:200psi