If you are a rider that favours a soft and flexible shoe then the durability and styling of the Race Face Chester pedals makes them a very appealing option.

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Race Face Chester flat pedal


Race Face Chester pedal review


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This is the Limited Edition version of the Race Face Chester flat pedal, which simply means it comes in six limited colourways to join about a gazillion other regular colours. The pedal is identical in every other respect, and is even the same price.

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When measured across both axes, the Chester is roughly the same size as the Burgtec MK4 Composite, but it tapers in and is more severely chamfered, so there’s greater clearance when cornering. The compromise is the area that your foot sits on is actually smaller and the rear pins are also 10mm closer to the centre line. This doesn’t centre your foot on the pedal that well, and it also makes the pedal feel smaller than it actually is. This may not matter if you have small feet, but we reckon for anyone over a size 8 (EU42), you’re going to feel perched on this pedal.

The other issue we had with the Chester is its profile. It’s 14mm tall measured on the front and back edges, but it’s 20mm thick in the centre over the axle, so it actually has a convex shape, and this is not ideal for keeping your feet centred on the pedals.

The Chester does have eight pins per side, so there’s plenty of bite, and they’re also the two-piece captive nut and bolt design, which you can easily remove through the back of the platform. Internally there’s a mini cartridge bearing and a bushing at the crank end, both of which are well sealed. The steel axle comes with spanner flats and a 6mm hex fitting.

The overall construction and components that make up the Race Face Chester pedal are top notch, it’s just too small and we feel that the convex shape is the opposite of what you want – when descending, our feet would actually slip forward slightly on this pedal. Factor in the cost and it is hard to recommend when there are better, cheaper alternatives like the Burgtec.


Platform size:103 x 100mm