Great choice for someone with smaller feet, though it lacks the support and locked in feel of the best pedals

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HT ANS10 Supreme flat pedal


HT ANS-10 Supreme flat pedal review


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Designed in conjunction with the racer Martin Söderström, the HT ANS-10 Supreme is a compact pedal with an extruded and machine aluminium platform.

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Despite the Supreme tag, the ANS-10 pedal from HT is one of the cheaper aluminium pedals we’ve tested, which is surprising since the construction, finish quality, bearings and hardware are on a par with other £100+ flats. We don’t know how HT has managed to do this, but you are getting a lot of pedal for your money.

The platform is extruded aluminium and then CNC machined at the leading edges to reduce the chances of snagging the pedal on rocks. The 100 x 100mm platform isn’t the biggest, but it is pretty low-profile at 16mm in the centre and has a whopping 4mm of concavity. HT fits 10 pins to each side of the platform and also mixes two different styles – fat steel pins front and back with thinner pointy pins along the outside edge. At 5mm, all the pins are a good length but you can also remove a small washer on the back of each one to increase the height another millimetre. The stainless steel construction means they still don’t bite as deep as the set screws used on the Nukeproof Horizon Pro DH, although the overall grip with this pedal is still good.

Bearing quality is excellent and the pedal is also dead easy to service because HT actually includes a small socket in the box so you can remove the embedded axle nut – we’re giving this pedal an extra point for this feature alone. The chromoly steel axle features an 8mm hex for ease of fitting.

For the money, something has to give and it’s the finish; it just isn’t up to the same standard as Pembree D2A and Carder Ten4. That said, it’s hard to fault the ANS-10 – it’s light, has a great shape that offers a lot of grip and it’s also cracking value for money. It if was a little bit bigger we’d have rated it top marks.


Platform size:100 x 100mm
Colours:Nine colours