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Nukeproof Horizon Sam Hill Enduro Flat Pedal


Nukeproof Horizon Sam Hill Enduro flat pedal


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Editor’s Choice 2020

Usually signature bike gear is just a thinly veiled attempt to shift a few more products and give the athlete in question a nice little cheque every month, but in the case of the Nukeproof Horizon Sam Hill pedals, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As the number one exponent of flat pedal racing, Sam Hill knows more than any how to go fast and stay loose. So when the Nukeproof designers saw Sam’s long-standing mechanic filing the corners off his brand new pedals, they took note. The result is a low-profile update to our favourite flat pedal that offers better clearance through janky rock gardens and when smuggling in cheeky pedal strokes.

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The Nukeproof Horizon flat is the pedal of choice here amongst MBR staff. The platform isn’t the thinnest, but it’s dished out enough to keep shoes stable.

Nukeproof’s latest pedal uses the exact same pin position and shoe contact points as the Horizon, but has a refined platform profile with significant material machined away to save a considerable 50g a set. Another major benefit of shaving away slices of 6061 aluminium (as Sam Hill’s mechanic literally did during development) is an improvement in ground clearance that helps avoid snagging on rocks.

Nukeproof’s platform doesn’t have the lowest profile amongst leading flat pedals, but it’s concave enough to keep shoes stable to compensate, whilst not being so curvy it causes any pressure points or tiredness in feet, so it’s comfortable on the longest rides.

Pins here are thicker than most, which prevents them snapping as easily, but they’re not so blunt and stout to impact on sheer bite into shoe soles. The platform width is a tad narrower than some close rivals, but this has no effect in terms of traction being diminished, as stock grip levels are enormous.

There’s so much hold, in fact, that shoes feel totally planted, whatever brand you use. The Sam Hill’s are so locked down, that a couple of us here like to remove the innermost two pins closest to the axle to let the shoe settle a bit more freely and reduce the chance of staying stuck to the pedal if you need a dab or adjust position. And any riders still craving even more hold, can follow the EWS World Champion’s lead and tweak the back-loading traction pins to sit even higher by taking away the removable washers underneath.

Across multiple sets of Nukeproof Horizon flat pedals, we’ve noted Nukeproof’s long-term bearing life can be marginally less than some, but the original purchase price is considerably lower too, and the brand’s easy-to-find replacement bearing kits are also cheap.

This new shape Enduro pedal is a very well-rounded package. It’s not the lightest or the slimmest, but is now a similar weight to leading competitors, and at least £15 cheaper. Even with material shaved away to save these meaningful grams, grip is still unquestionable and the platform is solid and secure underfoot for all shapes and sizes of rider, making it easy to recommend.


Weight:416 grams
Body:Forged 6061 aluminium
Size:102 x 100