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Photo of Specialized Air Tool MTB floor pump and tubeless tyre inflator

The Specialized Air Tool MTB is a floor pump that doubles as a tubeless tyre inflator, and thanks to a number of features performs impressively in each of these roles.…

Score 9

Photo of Lezyne Pressure Overdrive floor pump

Offering both regular tyre inflation and an chargeable air chamber for seating and inflating tubeless setups, the Lezyne Pressure Over Drive has plenty of the features you’d want from one…

Score 7

Bontrager Dual Charger pump

The Bontrager Dual Charger floor pump is one of the best floor pumps on the market at a price that won’t break the bank. With its steel barrel and base,…

Score 10

Photo of Lifeline Airblast floor pump

All Lifeline products are competitively priced and the Lifeline Airblast tubeless pump is no different. For the price, you get impressive performance and while it’s not the number one, it’s…

Score 8

Photo of Blackburn Core 3 bicycle floor pump

The Core is Blackburn’s flagship floor pump and features a lightweight 6061-series aluminium construction, a nicely shaped ergonomic handle and a stable, three-point base. All good features, and the elements…

Score 7

Photo of Alpina Rootage helmet 2022

Alpina isn’t a brand we see a lot at mbr, but the company has a range of mountain bike helmets including the oddly named Rootage. Apparently, rootage is defined as…

Score 8

Giro Montaro II helmet

Obviously with this being called the Montaro II, the Montaro has had a reboot. The big question is is it still good enough to rate a high score and place…

Score 9

Intense Tracer 279

With a carbon frame, mullet wheels, internal storage and 170mm of travel, the new Intense Tracer has its sights firmly locked on the best enduro bikes on the market. Has…

Photo of man wearing Patagonia merino men's mountain bike jersey

Wool might seem a strange choice for a riding top, but some of the best mountain bike jerseys we’ve ever tried are made from merino. Specialized and Sweet Protection make…

Score 9

SKS Airflex mini-pump

The all-aluminium SKS AirFlex Explorer mini-pump is a reverse design with the handle coming into the base, which means there’s quite a bit to grip onto and it’s comfortable to…

Score 7

Silca Tattico mini-pump

Silca pumps are fantastic quality, and the Tattico Mini Pump is no different – it uses a 6061-series aluminium barrel with high grip surfaces machined into the alloy handles. So…

Score 7

Oxford Airflow MT mini-pump

Like the LifeLine, the Oxford Airflow MT is also a sort of mini stirrup pump, aiming to blend the features of the best mini-pump with the best track/floor pump. The…

Score 6

Lifeline Performance MTB mini-pump

Lifeline is the in-house brand for Chain Reaction Cycles/Wiggle, and as you’d expect, this means value for money is a priority with all its products. The Performance MTB is its…

Score 7

Photo of person wearing Ride Concepts Tallac men's mountain bike shoe

With its red and green walking boot laces and overly chunky heel and toe tread, the Ride Concepts Tallac shoe looks nothing like any riding shoe I’ve ever seen. Does…

Score 8

Say hello to the third iteration of the YT Capra. Since the Mark 2 Capra was hardly a slouch on the downhills, the new Mark 3 YT Capra Core 3…

Score 8

Vitus Sommet 297 AMP

The Vitus Sommet has been around for long enough to be refined multiple times already. It also happens to be one of the best enduro mountain bikes you can buy.…

Score 9

Magura MT5 eStop disc brake

We tested Magura’s mid-range MT5 disc brake back in the summer, but this is the new eStop version designed for e-bike use. The flip-flop composite lever and alloy caliper weigh…

Score 8

Hayes Dominion A2 disc brake

Adding to the Hayes range for 2022 is the new Dominion A2, which has an identical lever to the A4 tested here, but mated to a two-piston caliper. According to…

Score 7