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Camelbak Podium Dirt Series Bottle 620ml

We’re awash with bottles, the tide of bikes reviewed at mbr brings with it a flotsam of them, meaning we’ve pretty much tried them all. And the best water bottle…

Score 10

Canyon MTB flat pedals

Like most bike manufacturers, Canyon offers a range of in-house components, including bars, stems, saddles, and this new addition, the Performance Flat Pedal. The difference here is Canyon isn’t just…

Score 9

TSG Slim glove

As you can see from the weight, the TSG (Technical Safety Gear) Slim is one of the lightest full-finger trail gloves on test. Everything is cut to the bone –…

Score 6

Specialized Gambit helmet

If the extra weight, bulk, and feeling of confinement puts you off wearing a full-face helmet, then let me introduce you to the Specialized Gambit. Just a few hundred grams…

Score 9

100% Geomatic glove

Like the Fox Defend Race we tested, the 100% Geomatic has a full spread of (synthetic rubber) TPR bumpers across the top of the glove. They offer a bit of…

Score 10

Troy Lee Designs Air glove

You can read the name of the Troy Lee Designs Air glove in two ways – it’s lighter than air or it’s highly breathable. But is it one of the…

Score 9

Fizik Terra Aidon X5 saddle

It’s debatable whether there’s such a thing as a specific e-bike saddle, but I’m open-minded, and was keen to give this one a try. First thing to note is that…

Score 8

Ducati Powerstage RR

I have an admission to make. I don’t follow motorsports; never have done. But when someone says Ducati, I instantly think ‘red’ or ‘yellow’, quickly followed by ‘916’ or ‘Monster’.…

Pirelli Scorpion Enduro M Race tyre

This new Pirelli Scorpion M Race model is the result of the brand busily developing new treads, casings and compounds. Also, the much softer rubber blend here stems from testing…

Score 9

Scott Tago Plus helmet

The Tago Plus CE is new from Scott, it drops right in at the top of the brand’s range and features good features and tech that bump it right up…

Score 9

Leatt MTB 3.0 Lite glove

The Leatt MTB 3.0 is so light it’s almost like you’re not wearing a glove at all, but Leatt boosts ride feel by using its MicronGrip palm material. This is…

Score 9

Rapha’s combination of fabric and fit is seriously effective at keeping you cool and airy when it’s scorching, yet it doesn’t use such an open mesh that it lets too…

Score 9

Fist Handwear Chapter 21 Glove

The Fist Handwear is built using a sublimated four-way stretch fabric with Spandex finger gussets and a single-layer Clarino palm. It’s not the lightest or the best-vented glove here, but…

Score 8

Fox Defend Race Glove

Fox makes a huge range of gloves and we’ve picked the Defend Race because it’s mid-pack in terms of weight and build. It uses a four-way stretch polyester construction with…

Score 8

Giant Transfer Glove

The Giant Transfer is a lot like the TSG Slim in terms of construction, weight and ride feel. The back uses a lightweight stretchy mesh fabric that Giant says has…

Score 6

7iDP Transition glove

This is an updated version of the Transition trail glove we have tested previously. It’s still a pull-on model, but it ditches the open-ended design for a simple elasticated cuff.…

Score 9

Fasthouse Speed Style Blaster glove

Not quite the master blaster, but with its EVA knuckle duster, this is definitely a glove for the trail warrior. It’s constructed from a four-way stretch ripstop material, has a…

Score 8

Dainese HGR MTB glove

The Dainese HGR MTB is the slightly more expensive twin brother of the Fasthouse Speed Style Blaster. It has a similar rip-stop style material across the entire back, but rather…

Score 7

Endura MT500 D30 glove

The Endura MT500 is the first glove we know of to feature a D3O knuckle duster. In its inert state, this smart material is flexible and moulds to the shape…

Score 8