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Specialized 2FO DH Clip

Even though the Specialized 2FO DH Clip is tagged as a DH shoe, the downhill features are fairly subtle, so it can be used for any sort of riding.

Score 8

Leatt DBX 4.0 Clip

Leatt DBX 4.0 Clip has good build quality – the upper has excellent water resistance and is easy to keep clean and as such is a good choice for winter.

Score 7

Five Ten TrailCross XT

The Five Ten Trailcross XT is a fairly lightweight shoe in their range with styling that has a hint of trail running/hiking boot to it.

Score 9

Fizik Gravita Tensor Clip

The styling of the Fizik Gravita tensor Clip shoe takes some getting used to, but this is a really comfortable shoe with some clever details.

Score 9

Five Ten Hellcat Pro

The Five Ten Hellcat Pro clip-in shoe is a slightly sleeker version of the regular Hellcat shoe, with more mesh material in the bonded upper.

Score 8

Shimano SH-AM902

The imaginatively named Shimano SH-AM902 is the top model in their gravity range, and this year sees a couple of improvements over the older 901.

Score 9

Ride Concepts Hellion Elite

One of our bugbears with Ride Concepts shoes was that the rubber just wasn’t soft enough, but things are different with the new Ride Concepts Hellion Elite.

Score 10

Smith Engage MIPS helmet

The Smith Engage MIPS is the latest mountain bike helmet from a brand that built its reputation on snow goggles, but has since developed sophisticated, high-end cycling products.

Score 9

Bosch takes aim at the best portable bike washers with the Fontus all-in-one solution. At 7kg it’s about the same size and weight as a medium wheelie bag, it even…

Score 9

Fidlock Twist Uni-Base review

The whole system isn’t cheap and you do need dedicated water bottles, which aren’t cross-compatible, but I think the Fidlock Twist system is fantastic.

Score 10

Schwalbe Wicked Will tyre

Only available in 29x2.4in and with extra beef compared to XC models, Schwalbe Wicked Will sits between Racing Ralph and Nobby Nic.

Score 8

Truvativ Descendant Grip

Comfy and cushy, the Truvativ Descendant grips have a great feel, work well gloveless and are a massive improvement on previous SRAM grips.

Score 8

POC Ora Clarity Fabio Ed. Goggles

The POC Ora Clarity Fabio Ed. is the Fabio Wibmer edition of one of the uber cool Swedish protection brand's four variants of their Ora goggle.

Score 6

TRP G-Spec E-MTB brake

First thing we noticed about the TRP G-Spec E-MTB Disc Brake is it bedded in way quicker than the old Gwin brake. A few hard stops and it was biting.

Score 9

Liv Embolden 1

Liv Embolden 1 is an entry-level full-sussser with 27.5in wheels and 120mm travel via a single-pivot linkage design with flex stays and 130mm RockShox fork.

The Forbidden Druid is a 130mm travel high-pivot trail bike with an idler pulley

The Forbidden Druid XT gulps up big hits like a basking shark, but does this high-pivot rig satiate our hunger for singletrack smash-fests?

Score 8

The Deviate Highlander 140 is a 140mm travel high-pivot idler bike

The Deviate Highlander 140 looks remarkably normal; from the non-driveside you'd be hard-pushed to tell it was such an unconventional design.

Score 8


Wolf Tooth Remote BarCentric has a ring shape and slides on between the left grip and brake lever. It has four positions so it clears lockouts or shifters.

Score 9