Rapha's Windblock jersey aims to bridge the gap between long-sleeve riding top and lightweight packable jacket. Does it do the job?

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Rapha Trail Windblock jersey


  • Merino is comfortable against skin. Windstopper panel does help insulate against windchill.


  • Expensive. No pocket or lens wipe. A bit short at the back. Doesn’t really replace a packable jacket or a baselayer. 


Rapha Trail Windblock jersey review


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The Rapha Windblock jersey is an example of a new style of riding top that has emerged over the last couple of years. Built with a wind-blocking front panel, they’re designed to be the ultimate riding jerseys for those in-between days that are not quite winter, not quite spring. When it’s too warm for a jacket but too cold for just a jersey.


Rapha’s take on this inter-season garment uses a stretchy Merino wool back panel with a windproof front panel and nylon arms. The Merino is soft and luxurious against bare skin, and does a good job of staying comfortable even when damp with sweat. In contrast, the front panel is rustly and feels a bit like a bib, but at least there is a nice Merino liner to keep the comfort levels high. The arms have elasticated cuffs, and there’s a bit of stretch to the fabric, although nowhere near as much as offered by the Merino.

Rapha jersey detail

Rapha jersey detail

Sizing and cut

The sizing is decent – the forearms are a little tighter than elsewhere, but they have good length for when stretched into a riding position. However, the front panel can feel somewhat restrictive across the chest as it lacks any stretch in the fabric. Equally, Rapha could have added more of a drop tail to the rear hem to stop the jersey riding up and exposing your lower back to spray and drafts.

Rapha jersey detail

Rapha jersey detail


While there’s nothing in the way of rider features (such as a lens wipe or pocket), I did appreciate Rapha’s attention to detail. The collar is soft and free of any abrasive stitching, while even the fabric care label is soft and scratch-free.

In the field

As spring begun to emerge from its hibernation I used this jersey with reasonable success. With a base layer underneath, I warmed up quickly, but it didn’t get too clammy or uncomfortable. There’s a decent freedom of movement too, aside from the crinkly, rustly, windproof panel.

My biggest complaint about the Trail Windblock jersey is that it’s a very expensive garment that, for most riders, will only get used in very specific conditions on a small number of days. It’s not as practical as a packable jacket, as there are no pockets, and doesn’t offer a great deal of extra performance on chilly days over a regular long-sleeve jersey worn on top of a base layer.


While the Rapha Trail Windblock jersey is well executed, you’ll need deep pockets and very particular demands for it to make a sensible investment.


Weight:187g (M)
Colours:Light blue/green, light blue/navy, black