Excellent lightweight knee pads from Kali.

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Kali Protectives Mission 2.0 knee pads


  • Snug, comfortable fit. Lightweight. Long enough to hide pasty skin!


  • No lateral protection. Can expose skin in a crash if worn with shorts.


Kali Mission 2.0 knee guard review


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If you’re searching for one of the best knee pads for trail use, look no further. The Mission 2.0 Knee Guard is a pull-on pad and consists of lightweight four-way stretch Spandex sock overlaid with a 3D-moulded pad and abrasion resistant skin. There are no straps or Velcro, it just relies on the stretchiness of the material and silicone grippers on the hems to keep it up.

The Mission 2.0 does glide on though, and fits amazingly snugly over the knee. On some pads I’ve tested, the Silicone can really pull on leg hairs and often leave abrasion marks, but I’ve not experienced any chafing in the crease at the back of my knee or on my shin. In fact, I’d say the fit is the best of this style that I’ve tested.

The Mission 2.0 is also pretty long, so you never see any exposed flesh when wearing shorts, which matters if you have lily-white legs like me.

Lightweight pads like this are great for general trail riding, but there’s no lateral protection. Also, the lack of any compression straps does mean that if you end up sliding down a trail the whole pad can get pushed down your knee, exposing the top of your thigh to abrasion. Obviously, a lot depends on how you crash, but if you want a bit more security, I recommend wearing trousers – the pads will easily fit underneath.


The Mission 2.0 only offers mid-level protection, but it’s a supremely comfortable kneepad that fits so well I didn’t know I was wearing it. Which means, for those of you that are new to knee protection, or hate any feeling of restriction, this is the one to get.