A brilliant dual-purpose suspension and tyre pump that's compact and easy to carry for on-the-go shock tuning and tyre inflation

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Truflo Mini/Shock Pump


  • Presta adapter means this pump works on tyres and suspension, high pressure and high volume modes, neat design, frame clip included, compact size


  • Not comfortable to use, hose a little short


Truflo Mini/Shock pump


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The Truflo Min/Shock Pump has several features that make it one of the best suspension pumps on the market, not least because it’s also able to inflate tyres.

Included in the box with the Truflo mini/Shock pump is a Presta adapter which allows this pump to both tune your suspension and also sort out your tyre pressure on-the-go. Normally using a shock pump to inflate a tyre would be slow going but the Truflo is a two-stage pump with high pressure (HP) and high volume (HV) modes accessed via a dial on the handle.

The Truflo does take a while to inflate a tyre but the dual setting does come into its own when pumping up your suspension because you can use HV to initially boost air into your fork or shock and then flick the switch to HP for the remainder. We got about 70spi into our test fork in about 20strokes before we needed to change modes. 

Unfortunately, the Truflo pump isn’t that comfortable to use, you have to grip it around the gauge and the plastic construction also flexes quite a bit. At the other end the handle has a blunt shape and you also end up partially gripping the little rubber clip for the hose management; it just gets in the way. The only good thing is you never trap your fingers with this reverse plunger design.

The analogue gauge is rated to 300psi and is reasonably easy to read, there’s also a handy bleed for tweaking pressure and it does work by bleeding air from the fork. The hose is a little short but the management is neat and tidy and the pump also comes with a handy frame clip in the box.


As a do-it-all pump the Truflo is great value, it’s not the most comfortable but it’s the perfect size for stashing in a bum-bag or clipping to your bike.


Gauge type:Analogue