It might be a bit rough and ready, but we can't fault this high-pressure suspension pump in terms of performance and value-for-money

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Score 9

LifeLine Digital Shock Suspension Pump


  • Easy to use, accurate and reliable readings, great value for money


  • Stock battery has short life, small volume


LifeLine Digital Shock suspension pump


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If this pump looks familiar it’s because several manufacturers brand this up, but LifeLine is one of the cheapest and you can even get this online for around £35, making it excellent value for money. Good enough, in fact, to make it on our list of the best shock pumps

The digital unit and head are virtually identical to the Cane Creek and Topeak digital pumps tested here – the Lifeline even has the same display, mode switch and battery.

The digital gauge is accurate and has three settings, so you can toggle between PSI, BAR or kgf/m². There’s no off-switch, but the pump does auto off after about 90seconds. We found the stock battery doesn’t last long but it’s easy to change and Lifeline even provides a 2mm Allen, so you can remove the backplate. In fact, we changed the dead battery on the Topeak pump using this tool because that didn’t come with one.

The Lifeline feels solid in your hand and getting to 81psi in a 100 strokes and 129psi in 200 felt pretty easy. The Lifeline does have quite a small volume, so it feels like your pushing against nothing for the first two dozen strokes. The pump has a bleed valve, an extra-long hose and a comfy handle, which really comes into its own when you have to squeeze in the last few PSI during a shock inflation.


For the money we really can’t fault this pump. Yes, the finish is a bit rough and ready and it can often turn on accidentally in your tool box or bum-bag, which drains the battery but it’s easy to use and gives accurate and reliable readings. If you’re looking to buy your first shock pump and don’t want to blow the budget, this is it.


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