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One23 Extreme Bright Duo 2000


One23 Extreme Bright Duo 2000 light review

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We’ve seen this light before under a different banner, but One23 calls it the Extreme Bright Duo 2000. The lamp is made from lightweight aluminium and gets an illuminated on/off switch. By pressing the switch you toggle through four settings — high and low beam, pulsing and off.

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There’s no option to alter this sequence, which means the light will always turn off as you cycle fully through the options. We also found the Duo would start flashing randomly, and occasionally even shut down completely, despite being fully charged.

The Duo’s LEDs give it a claimed output of 2,000 lumens, but it registered less than half that when we ran it through the sphere. The light is bright and it has good throw, but there’s very little spread for technical riding.

What you do get with the Bright Duo is a load of fixtures and fittings — there are two bar clamps, a head mount and several clips to mount the light to a hat. Yes, a hat. The basic bar fitting uses a stretchy rubber band, which is lightweight, offers tilt adjustment and is easy to remove.

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The battery comes with a wide Velcro band, so you can get it really tight on the frame, but it’s bulky and heavy — as a system the Duo is nearly double the weight of the Exposure.

The Duo is good value, and the light is bright and far-reaching, but it falls a long way short of its claimed lumens and we found it erratic. Hence we’ve rated it accordingly.

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Weight:500 grams
Lumens:High - 818, Low - 268
Run time:3, 9 hours