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Exposure Toro MK7


Exposure Toro MK7 light review


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Like all Exposure lights, the Toro Mk7 is an all-in-one unit, with the lamp and battery combined. It mounts to the bar using a neat machined clamp, available in 31.8 and 35mm diameters, that can be shimmed down using the spacers provided.

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The Toro has several settings with the options printed on the body of the light, so you don’t need to hunt for the instructions in the dark, and to make the process even easier, the Toro has a touch screen. There’s also a digital readout on the back of the lamp that tells you what mode has been accessed, and also counts down remaining battery life. The pressure sensitivity takes a bit of getting used to, but you don’t have to wear special gloves to access it.

One of the most interesting modes is the Reflex option, which automatically powers down the light when climbing to preserve battery life. It’s a great feature on rides with lots of short, sharp climbs.

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At 1,805 lumens, the Toro has more power than its claimed figure and is the second brightest light here. It is designed as a crossover light between road and off-road riding, so has a narrower, more focused beam. It produces a crisp white light, but lacks the coverage of the Light and Motion Seca 1500 and Magicshine MJ-880, especially around the front wheel.

We still rate the Toro though — it’s light, the build quality is excellent and it has several usable modes that are simple to access. If you don’t like the hassle of cables, or have space on your frame for a battery, this is the light to have.

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Weight:257 grams
Lumens:High - 1,085, Medium - 696, Low - 355
Run time:2, 6, 12 hours