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SRAM Level TLM disc


SRAM Level TLM disc brake review


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The SRAM Level TLM is aimed firmly at the XC and trail segment and is one of the lightest disc brakes in our test.

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Review by Charlie Collins

The brake lever is vastly different with a sleeker, lighter weight design and has a ‘matchmaker’ compatible clamp to help clear the handlebars of any clutter. At the other end, the ‘monoblock’ caliper uses different brake pads and has SRAM’s bleeding edge port, used to bleed the brakes with less fuss and no mess. What this means is that you’ll need their special adapter to do so, which can be an expensive addition to your toolbox when compared to traditional methods.

sram level tlm

Considering its got the highest price tag of all three stoppers in this category, less weight is the only advantage here. Power is very similar to the Hope Tech 3 X2 but lacks the same adjustment. And as with the Level T, changing the lever reach is frustrating because access to the screw isn’t the easiest, it’d be great to have a tool-less adjuster in there.

The power available is well controlled through the DirectLink lever, and although not as high as the Shimano XT M8000 disc brake, it feels far more consistent, even as the pads wore down. On that note, pad wear was a little higher than its competitors, especially in the rear when using the organic pads they come with.

The Level TLM is a good-looking brake, but unfortunately it just doesn’t quite punch the weight the price tag would suggest.


Weight:Brake 222g, rotor 145g
Rotors:160, 180 and 200mm