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Bosch e-bike ABS brakes

Anti-lock braking has been pitched at mountain bikes before, but always skidded wide of the mark when it came to performance compared to the best disc brakes. Will the latest…

Hope Tech 4/E4 brakes

Hope’s been making some of the best MTB disc brakes in Lancashire for over 25 years now, with its basic lever shape remaining pretty similar for quite some time now.…

Score 9

Hope XCR Pro – X2

The XCR Pro X2 is Hope’s new lightweight disc brake designed for XC and marathon-style riding. How does it measure up against the best MTB disc brakes on sale? It…

Score 8

Magura MT5 eStop disc brake

We tested Magura’s mid-range MT5 disc brake back in the summer, but this is the new eStop version designed for e-bike use. The flip-flop composite lever and alloy caliper weigh…

Score 8

Hayes Dominion A2 disc brake

Adding to the Hayes range for 2022 is the new Dominion A2, which has an identical lever to the A4 tested here, but mated to a two-piston caliper. According to…

Score 7

Shimano M6100 Deore brake

Shimano’s Deore is one of the best mountain bike brakes on the market and arguably the pick of the Japanese giant’s range. When you buy the Shimano Deore BL-M6100, you’ll…

Score 10

Hope Tech 3 V4 disc brake

Even though this disc brake is called the Hope Tech 3 V4 (adjustable Tech 3 lever mated to the V4 caliper) it’s actually Hope’s downhill brake. But don’t let the…

Score 9

TRP Slate T4 Evo disc brake

At just over £100, the TRP Slate T4 Evo disc brake is basically a cut-price version of the E-MTB, but with a lot of the same features. Features such as…

Score 8

SRAM Code RSC disc brake

Once fitted to our test bike, our initial impressions of the SRAM Code RSC disc brake were how noticeably firm it felt as you grabbed the lever.

Score 9

Hayes Dominion A4

Hayes Dominion A4 is brake with tons of power and modulation. To save you buying stuff you don’t need, it's also available without rotors and adapters.

Score 9

Shimano XT M8100 disc brake

The question is: are Shimano XT M8100 disc brakes worth the painful bleed regime? We’d say no. We’d go for Shimano’s Deore M6000 series brakes instead.

Score 7

SRAM Guide G2 Ultimate disc brake

Goodbye Guide, hello G2. SRAM have a new trail disc brake. We've tested the SRAM G2 Ultimate and it has alloy rotors, 'Power pads' and improved consistency.

Score 9

SRAM HS2 brake rotor

Your bike might be rocking one of the best disc brake systems on the market, but there are still ways you can boost your stopping power. Rotors are one way.…

Score 9

TRP G-Spec E-MTB brake

First thing we noticed about the TRP G-Spec E-MTB Disc Brake is it bedded in way quicker than the old Gwin brake. A few hard stops and it was biting.

Score 9

magura mt5

The Magura MT5 is the entry-level brake in the Magura range, but it shares some of the same components as the more expensive MT7, like the forged four-piston caliper and…

Score 7

Formula Cura 4

With the latest pads fitted, the Formula Cura 4 is a fantastic brake. Its sleek design masks its raw power and it’s also proven to be 100 per cent reliable.

Score 9

Shimano Deore M6000 disc brake keeps bumping up the standard of what a budget stopper can really be, premium performance with a great price.

Score 10

SRAM Guide RE brake is designed to deliver the extra stopping power required by a 20kg e-bike, but it works really well on any regular trail bike.

Score 10

TRP G-Spec Quadiem

The TRP G-Spec Quadiem huge lever and chunky caliper gives off as strong sense they're built to take some serious abuse and dish out some big forces.

Score 8