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If you have a van, you’re likely to have plenty of space for your bike, but unless you’ve bolted some fork mounts to the floor, your pride and joy is…

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Pendle Ergo Rack car rack

In a market dominated by Thule, it’s great to see a small UK brand like Pendle Bike Racks offering one of the best car racks on the market. I’ve used…

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Thule ThruRide car rack

Thule ThruRide uses an adjustable clamp to secure your fork’s thru-axle, it’ll accommodate both 20mm and 15mm options (there’s an adaptor for 9mm QR).

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scorpion rack

The Scorpion Rack is unlike any other tow bar rack. It holds your bike vertically, and it doubles as a workstand, all without requiring electrical hookup.

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seasucker talon

The extremely effective sucker pads stuck like glue. Without the constraints of nuts, bolts, or straps the SeaSucker Talon rack is a lot more versatile.

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pendle fork mount

This British-made Pendle Fork Mount Roof Rack fastens the dropouts securely using the fork’s thru-axle, coupled with a simple toe strap at the rear wheel.

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Yes, there are less expensive tow bar racks than the Thule Velocompact 927, but you’ll only buy a rack like this once, so it’s worth the investment.

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Thule’s ProRide is one of the easiest and quickest roof racks to fit a bike into, and while this second generation version might look almost exactly like the original 591…

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