Sophisticated refinement and tool-free clamp will be irresistible if speed and convenience are your priorities

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Thule ThruRide roof rack


Thule ThruRide roof rack review


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Thule ThruRide uses an adjustable clamp to secure your fork’s thru-axle, it’ll accommodate both 20mm and 15mm options (there’s an adaptor for 9mm QR)

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Usually I transport my bike in the boot, but from time to time I’ll need to carry two bikes, or I need the extra interior space. For those occasions I’ve been using Thule’s new ThruRide roof rack mounted to its aerodynamic Evo Wingbars (from £203).

A hidden thumbwheel varies the clamping force, and the large, hinged handle gives you plenty of leverage when closing it. The lever locks in place with a supplied key, securing the bike to the rack and the rack to the car, although this should only be considered a deterrent.

Thule ThruRide roof rack

Thru-axle clamp locks in place

The rear wheel holder slides along an extruded alloy rail and uses an integrated ratchet strap to hold it in place. The rack is long enough to accommodate most modern full suspension mountain bikes – a 29er with a 1,275mm wheelbase fitted fine. Much more though, and the rear wheel would be hanging off the end.

Once the front wheel is removed, putting the bike into the rack takes seconds and can be done without worrying about scratching the roof of the car. You can even wedge the front wheel between the pedals and the handlebar and secure it with a couple of straps if you want to keep the interior completely mud-free. The axle clamp is effective, and all the bikes I tried remained safe and secure on a mix of motorways and B-roads.

Mounted to Thule’s teardrop Evo Wingbars, this roof system is not a cheap option, but it’s sleek and secure, and additional wind noise is minimal when not carrying a bike. Despite monitoring it closely, I didn’t notice any drop in fuel economy either.

If speed and convenience are your number one priorities, then the Thule Thruride’s sophisticated refinement and tool-free clamp will be irresistible. If you can live with a more awkward mount, but want to carry your bike in a similar way, there’s also Pendle’s cheaper Fork Mount rack.


Specification:Accepts 15mm and 20mm, Boost and non-Boost hubs