If you want a conversation starter this is the rack for you

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Scorpion Rack


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The Scorpion Rack is unlike any other tow bar rack. It holds your bike vertically, and it doubles as a workstand, all without requiring electrical hookup.

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And if you want a conversation starter at the trailhead then this is the rack for you.

At the top of the sturdy steel rack there is a four-pronged metal bracket with rubber sleeves that cradle your bike by the fork crown. Once the front of the bike is comfortably nestled in, you sit the back wheel onto a bar at the bottom of the rack and fasten it with a ratchet strap. I then used a bungee (not included) to stop the front wheel spinning when driving.

scorpion rack

Prongs cradle rather than clamp the fork

For storage, the rack folds in two. Insert it into the tow bar or flange mount of your car and it’s easy to unfold the structure and secure it via a through-bolt and safety clip. There are then three different angles to the arm to help it fit to the body shape of most cars or vans, and an extra position at 90° to turn the rack into a workstand.

scorpion rack

The rack folds up for storage

At 16.5kg, the rack is 2.5kg heavier than the Thule VeloCompact 2, though, and it really does feel like a ton weight to lug around. The Scorpion will also only manage a maximum weight per bike of 17.5kg to the Thule’s 25kg meaning it’ll take conventional bikes but not e-bikes.

scorpion rack

Included adaptor for tow ball use

That’s not game-over for the Scorpion yet though; it’s cheaper to set up and the rack doesn’t obscure your lights, meaning you don’t need an electrical hook-up at around £150. It doesn’t clamp your frame anywhere either, so there’s very little chance of damaging your paintwork.

The Scorpion is also a doddle to hook bikes onto. We tested a mixture of tyre sizes and frame designs including 27.5in, 29ers, Plus bikes; all of them fitted the rack easily and securely. Slotting the bike into the Scorpion’s prongs literally takes seconds, and securing the ratchet at the bottom a few seconds more. The set-up feels rock solid, and the fact that it doubles up as a workstand is genius. It’s just a shame the weight restriction rules out e-bikes.


Capacity:Two bikes at 17.5kg max weight each
Size:155cm high full extension, 50cm wide