The extremely effective sucker pads stuck like glue.

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SeaSucker Talon rack


SeaSucker Talon rack review


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Due to the unique set-up of this bike carrier, it was very hard not to worry about our precious cargo when using the SeaSucker Talon QR-1 roof rack.

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The extremely effective sucker pads stuck like glue, but trundling down the motorway it was always in the back of my mind that the bikes weren’t being held in place by traditional, sturdy nuts and bolts.

However, without the constraints of said nuts and bolts, or straps that just aren’t quite long enough, this bike rack is a lot more versatile and easy to use on a range of vehicles.

Convenience is key with the Talon; a simple pump action engages the sucker pads, which never popped off, even with a bit of exuberant driving. Even so, a simple pull of the tab released the pressure, allowing removal of the mounts for stowing away in the car boot.

The rack weighs in at 2.123kg, which means it can be easily transported when not in use.


Axle:9mm QR (bolt-thru adapters available)