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Spank Oozy 220

The Spank Oozy 220 tested here doesn’t weigh 220g or is 220mm wide, it’s just a sleek, hollow chromoly railed seat with a ‘kick-up’ at the rear end.

Score 7

Spank Spike 33

The Spank Spike 33 is the lightest and thinnest grip in our recent group test but it may actually be the best grip you can buy for e-bikes.

Score 9

spank oozy

Lightweight and tough, the Spank Oozy Trail is arguably the lowest profile pedal we've trsted with the least potential for harmful rock strikes.

Score 8

If this review focused purely on the shape, width and weight of the Spank Spike 800 handlebar, one line would do it: with an ideal four-degree upsweep and eight-degree backsweep it has…

Score 10