I really like the clean construction and simplicity of the Spank Oozy 220, so much so that it’s staying on my bike for the foreseeable future

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Spank Oozy 220 saddle


Spank Oozy 220 saddle review


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New Spank Oozy 220 saddle uses a co-moulded construction pioneered by Fabric and adopted by several saddles including the test-winning SDG Bel Air 3.0.

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This co-moulding means there are no exposed seams underneath, no staples, no rough edges and nothing for mud to cling too. It’s incredibly clean and tidy, and I suspect more companies are going to employ this method in the future, since Fabric no longer has exclusive rights to it.

The Oozy 220 profile is a little flatter and wider than the test-winning Bel Air 3.0, but it has a slight kick to the tail reminiscent of the Ergon and Canyon saddles I have tested previously. This raised area stops you skidding off the back and keeps you centred during seated climbing. The saddle is a little wider than claimed, so offers excellent support for the sit bones and it feels like there’s more underneath you, with the wide platform spreading the load a lot more evenly. To relieve pressure on your delicate parts, there is a channel down the centre and, while it’s not as deep as some, it still offers welcome relief when grinding long, hard climbs. There are a couple of grip strips on the surface material, but also – after two months use – a few wear marks too. The Oozy 220 uses standard steel rails with gradient marks to help with set-up. The rails are slightly suspended on the base increasing flex and adding further comfort.

Out of the box, I found the surface material to be a little slippery, but traction has improved as it’s bedded in. With its shallower profile and rear spoiler, the Oozy 220 can be set pretty flat and works well on an e-bike where you tend to be seated for longer. I really like the clean construction and simplicity of the Spank Oozy 220, so much so that it’s staying on my e-bike for the foreseeable future. It’s a simple design that’s well executed and undercuts the Bel Air by £10.