A good saddle with descent comfort, support and padding

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Score 7

Spank Oozy 280


  • Good support, bonded upper, durable cro-mo rails


  • Can feel channel edges while riding, and it can accumulate mud


Spank Oozy 280 saddle review


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In a previous group test we reviewed the Spank Oozy 220 saddle side-by-side with the Oozy 280 and there are two minor differences – the rails on the 280 are black instead of silver and it has slightly less of a hammock shape in the centre. Everything else is the same. Base material, cover, padding and construction, and it’s also the same weight, price and comes in the same colour options.

Like the majority of manufacturers, Spank uses a bonded cover. The synthetic is attached directly to the top of the shell, which means there are no staples or glued edges. Crucially it’s not under tension, so it won’t go baggy, which can happen with a glued and stapled saddle if you tear it or one of the staples pops out.

The Oozy 280 uses regular cro-mo rails, which have a durable black finish, not flaky paint like SQ Labs’. Weight is little above average, but it’s bang on the median when it comes to length. There’s only a single 144mm width offered, but it actually comes out a little wider than claimed at 150mm. 

The profile is a little flatter than the 220, and as a result the saddle is not quite as comfortable. There is good support for the sit bones, but we could feel the edges of the central channel when riding. On some really sloppy rides the channel would actually hold onto mud, and we’d be really fighting for grip. The 280 still has a slightly raised rear tail to stop you skidding off the back, but this is not as pronounced as the SDG Bel 3.0 or the Specialized Bridge



Although the changes to the shape are very subtle, the Oozy 280 is not as comfortable or as grippy as the Oozy 220. It’s the same price, so is still cracking value, but its sibling has a much better shape.