A tough, well-shaped, full width aluminium handlebar with ten colour options

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Score 9

Spank Spoon handlebar


  • Ten blinging colours available. Tough and strong. Sorted shape


  • No Vibrocore resonant frequency damping tech. Not the lightest


Spank Spoon 35 Handlebar review


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Spank Industries offers loads of MTB handlebars including its test-winning Vibrocore range with vibration-damping foam cores. This Spoon model is the brand’s more affordable bar using the same proprietary 6-series aluminium blend, but omits the closed-cell foam inside to save extra cash.

The latest Spoon is available in 800mm width in either a 31.8 or 35mm clamp diameter (tested here), as well as two different tiers of aluminium. This Spoon is the more expensive MGR alloy that blends more additives for better feel, damping and ductility.

Spoon geometry is a proven 5-degree up and 8-degree back that I find really comfortable and natural, and three different rises, including a huge 60mm one, are available.

A big bonus with these anodised bars is Spank offers a whopping ten colours including this full-on purple here. Candy apple red and even a maximum-bling speckled gold version are in the line up too. There’s a shot-peened finish to enhance durability and fatigue life and cut marks for sawing down from 800mm to 740mm for narrower shoulders or extra tree clearance.

I’ve always got on well with Spank bars and this Spoon model is no exception. The shape is really natural in hands with no pressure points in the heel of the palm with loads of room inside the grips for controls too.

There’s nothing funky or quirky about the sweep or geometry either, and the 6-series aluminium feels very solid and responsive when steering. This fatter 35mm version leans slightly towards the stiffer end of aluminium handlebars, but, even without the brand’s Vibrocore closed-cell foam tech inside, it’s dull and damped enough to avoid that solid iron bar feel, something other more affordable bars suffer from.


I’d still prefer the brand’s Vibrocore offerings if money was no object for the noticeable difference dulling trail buzz, but they are more cash and you can’t get every one of Spank’s funky colour options on any other bar in its range.


Weight:360g (20mm rise)
Rises:20, 40, 60mm