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Spank Oozy Trail flat pedal


Spank Oozy Trail flat pedal review


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Lightweight and tough, the Spank Oozy Trail is arguably the lowest profile pedal we’ve tested with the least potential for harmful rock strikes.

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It foregoes pedal spanner flats to sit in tighter to the crank arms, and the platform itself is sculpted by elegant machine work to shave away excess alloy to further increase clearance and save more weight. Combined with a smaller platform area, this results in the Oozy being one of the lightest on test.

Spank explains how the pedal has eighteen pins per side for a ‘virtual concavity configuration’. In plain English, this just means that while the Oozy body is relatively flat, the fact the pins stick up on either side provides a ‘dish’ in the middle. Virtual or not, we needed to remove the central studs to achieve more real world concavity.

Like plenty Spank products, the pedal appears very high quality; the cold forged steel axle not only looks beautifully finished (like the Hope F20), there’s a further level of detail inside where internal machining saves extra weight underneath the 8mm hex head axle thread. Elsewhere, full complement industrial bearings, IGUS bushings and tight seals are clearly higher spec than some of the generic kit offered elsewhere too.

Grip levels on the Oozy aren’t huge. If you need total hold, bigger and more concave pedals offer a more locked on ride quality, and the Oozy isn’t aided by a heavily chamfered trailing outside edge which sees shoes sliding off the back corners at the point where you apply most pressure.

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Dirt jumpers or riders who want to shuffle shoes around might love the Spanks, and everyone will appreciate the quality, but the outright stability and grip might not be enough for mud-loving trail riders.


Body:Forged MGR aluminium
Size:100 x 100 x 12mm