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Poc Oseus vpd knee pads

The POC Oseus VPD pads are a compact design, fairly short in length with the main coverage only extending to the front and sides of the knee cap. This is…

Score 9

POC Kortal helmet

When you think of Scandinavian firm POC, you likely think of a premium, safety-first brand with the high-end price tags to match. That’s fair comment considering this stylish Kortal lid…

Score 8

POC Spine VPD Vest

Top-end Swedish brand POC has a varied line up of protection vests and jackets stretching up to almost £300 for some of its AIR range. This Spine VPD sleeveless vest…

Score 7

POC Oseus knee pad

The oddly named Oseus is the latest and greatest knee pad from POC to use its VPD technology. Like D3O and Sastec, VPD is a smart polymer that’s soft and…

Score 7

POC Ora Clarity Fabio Ed. Goggles

The POC Ora Clarity Fabio Ed. is the Fabio Wibmer edition of one of the uber cool Swedish protection brand's four variants of their Ora goggle.

Score 6

POC Tectal Race Spin NFC helmet

This is a new helmet from the Swedish firm and it is absolutely loaded with high-tech safety features. Read more: Buyer’s guide to the best mountain bike helmets First off…

Score 8

POC Crave Clarity glasses

Normally I ride in goggles, mostly because they provide impenetrable protection from dirt and water, and they sit so well against my face that they’re in no danger of moving…

Score 7

poc trabec

The POC Trabec Helmet is an in-mould helmet for trail riding and enduro. Provides the highest possible protection without compromising functionality.

poc tectal

The Poc Tectal helmet is expensive but it is fantastic quality with a sleek construction, internal Aramid grid, bottom-wrapping and metal visor screws.

Score 8