High price and lack of interchangeable lenses makes them difficult to recommend

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POC Crave Clarity glasses


POC Crave Clarity glasses review


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Normally I ride in goggles, mostly because they provide impenetrable protection from dirt and water, and they sit so well against my face that they’re in no danger of moving around on descents. But I end up having to take them off all the time for climbing, which is annoying, and they tend to mist up and get fogged up in the winter.

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This summer I was given these POC glasses on a bike launch, and they seemed to fit well, so I started using them. Now I’ve largely given up using goggles, as they sit close enough to my face that dirt rarely gets underneath the lower edge, and the minimal weight and improved ventilation makes them so much more comfortable to ride in on warm days. The optical clarity from the Carl Zeiss lens is first rate – there’s a specific brown tint to them that enhances contrast and clarity while mountain biking. They’re dark enough to cut down glare on a bright summer’s day, but not so opaque that you can’t use them when they’re overcast.

However, I’ve only just found out how much they cost, which – Carl Zeiss lens or no Carl Zeiss lens – has come as a bit of a shock. Especially when I’ve lost count of the number of lenses I’ve scratched, and glasses I’ve left at the side of the trail, over the years. Also, you can’t swap lenses, which seems crazy when you’re spending this kind of cash and mountain biking takes place in such variable light conditions. So while I really like riding in them, the high price and lack of interchangeable lenses makes them difficult to recommend.


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