The POC Oseus VPD knee pad is targeted as a do-it-all protector, with the Swedish brand claiming they’re good for trail riding through to DH use.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 9

Poc Oseus VPD Knee


  • Really nice balance of protection versus weight/comfort. Top quality construction and finish. Very stable


  • Very expensive. Not as much protection under the knee cap as some similar pads for pedal strikes. Not the coolest


POC Oseus VPD knee pad review


Price as reviewed:


The POC Oseus VPD pads are a compact design, fairly short in length with the main coverage only extending to the front and sides of the knee cap. This is unlike many comparable knee pads that extend a bit lower down the shin.

VPD tech

The VPD part describes POC’s own harden-on-impact polymer that’s pre-shaped in a very ergonomic, pedal-friendly, cupped-out shape around the knee cap, and there are also two separate smaller padded VPD zones on the sides.

Perforated for better airflow and cooling, the big portion of VPD material is thick and protective and does the heavy lifting in terms of protection with the highest Level 2, DH-level, impact certification. The smaller side panels then fend off any little knocks and dings that can happen accidentally catching the inside of the knee against the bike frame.

Fit and retention

The pads are a fully slip-on design with no extra Velcro wraps or fasteners to tighten. For stability, the interior of the upper thigh band is heavily covered in thick silicone gripper dots and both top and bottom use thick elasticated material.

Key to the pads staying in place so well are these thick stretchy bands and also a special fabric shaping inside that tensions the inner material and pulls the two pre-bent ends of the pads into shape once your knee cap slots into the dished-out VPD knee cup.

Premium quality construction

All POCs materials are top notch, as is the build quality, and fit and stability when riding is excellent. Despite the smaller coverage area, these pads feel really protective where it matters most and completely wrap the knee, even if they don’t extend very far down the shin. 

The Oseus pads are extremely flexible too. There’s virtually no resistance against leg movement while pedalling and no hot spots or stiffness while cranking. My only gripe is the smaller pads on the side can be felt a little in the tender zone near tendons, but because the pads are so stable, I had no rubbing or chaffing, even on really long rides.


These are one of the best knee pads I’ve used. The price is high when compared to the similarly shaped and performing Sweet Protection Sas Tec pads that are almost £50 less, but I reckon they are slightly less well constructed and finished than these top quality POC numbers.


Weight:332g pair (Large)
Sizes:S, M, L, XL
Colours:Uranium black