"You can't put a price on your head". Reader review by Jon Hand.

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POC Trabec helmet


POC Trabec helmet review


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The POC Trabec Helmet is an in-mould helmet for trail riding and enduro. Provides the highest possible protection without compromising functionality.

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Reader review by Jon Hand | XC and Enduro rider
Instagram: @handofjon

What sort of riding does this helmet work best in? XC racing, trail riding, enduro, downhill etc.

A very versatile helmet and suits all riding types. Light enough for a full day’s XC and offers enough protection for enduro stages. I’d still opt for full face for out-and-out DH though.

How is the padding? Is it adjustable? Does it come with spare pads?

The padding is minimal compared to most helmets on the market, that said, it does a remarkable job and ensures the helmet is a snug fit and comfortable too. One of the big plusses is the fact that the padding is in one piece and can be removed easily so it can be washed in an attempt to avoid those moments when you are the one the horrendous smell is coming from. Helmets I’ve previously owned have padding that are removed in three to four pieces which then gives you an added job of making sure you don’t lose any. It also comes with two different sizes of padding that differ in depth so you can get the fit you want.

How well does the venting perform?

The venting is good and allows for adequate circulation of air when riding. When descending you can really notice the airflow around your head.

Aesthetics. Does the helmet look good or goofy?

I’m torn on this. It is a chunky helmet, there’s no escaping that. It does look quite old fashioned (I like to say “retro”). I think that’s down to the absence of channels leading to vents and the uniform vent shape. I have the black gloss version with simple branding on the sides and back. I like the understated look of it, not too showy.

How comfortable and secure is the retention device?

Unlike the majority of helmets with a wheel, the Trabec is tightened by a plastic band at the back. Initially I was a tad wary of this as I didn’t think it would be able to be stand up to the rigours of a harsh descent, but I was surprised. It’s very easy to adjust and is solid when in place. Using two fingers you can pinch the band tighter or push it out to loosen.

Tell us about the features. Is the peak a suitable length? Is it adjustable or fixed? Does the helmet accept goggle straps? Is it a MIPS helmet or offer similar rotational protection?

My only complaint with the Trabec would be the peak. It’s fixed to the body of the helmet at the sides with two plastic clips. This totally fixes the peak in a single position with no adjustability. If you’re riding ‘full enduro’ then you’ll have to think of stowing your goggles elsewhere as they can’t be stowed under a raised visor.

How is the sizing of the helmet – ie. round heads, square heads, tall heads etc.

It sits a tad high on the head but does fit well. With the adjustability on offer it should fit most riders without any issues.

Durability. How well has the helmet stood up to use?

I’ve worn this as my main riding helmet for just over a year, it’s very comfortable and has stood up well to a few knock and bumps, nothing major. I do have confidence in the Trabec. It’s a solid helmet that inspires confidence on the trail, reading the literature that comes with it, POC make very clear the level of research that has gone into its design.

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If the peak was adjustable then I'd have gone for a 9/10. My other slight issue would be then chunkiness of it. That said, you wear helmets for one thing, you can't put a price on your head. Rating: 8/10.


Features:Slim and comformable fit system Adjustable visor protects your eyes by deflecting rain, sun, mud and tree branches Aerodynamic ventilation channel system. 16 vent holes Aramid fiber grid for protection and durability The Trabec helmet fits and covers much like a traditional skate helmet rather than a traditional bike helmet which sits on top rather than around your head This helmet conforms to, or exceeds EU Standards only.