POC's pricey pads are a pain to pedal in.

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Poc Oseus VPD Knee


  • Top build quality.


  • Uncomfortable when pedaling. Very expensive.


POC Oseus knee pad review


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The oddly named Oseus is the latest and greatest knee pad from POC to use its VPD technology. Like D3O and Sastec, VPD is a smart polymer that’s soft and pliable but then stiffens on impact. It’s quite a big thick pad but it is shaped and also features some open sections to improve air flow. There are also two extra side panels slightly below and backwards of the knee-cap but these are just harder foam and not as malleable.

POC Oseus knee pad

POC Oseus knee pad

POC knee pads historically come up a little short, especially in the thigh, but POC has extended this area on the Oseus and also built in a degree of articulation. To stop the pad sliding down, there is a 2in wide elasticated seam at the top with silicone dots on the inside. POC has also added two reinforcing patches on the front of the elastic which gives you something to grip when pulling it on – we’ve seen a lot of cheaper pads come apart at this seam.

Like most pads the Oseus is left and right specific, and is available in a good range of individual sizes. Unfortunately, like previous POC pads it still felt uncomfortable even on short rides. The Lyrca really bunches up at the back of the knee causing quite a bit of discomfort. It may be because POC knee pads just fit certain leg shapes, but we’ve yet to test one that works when you have to do a lot of cranking.


We can’t fault the POC Oseus in terms of build quality or attention to detail but then you would expect that of any knee pad that costs this much. If you’re uplifting and don’t have to do a lot of pedalling the Oseus could be a solid choice, however if you are just riding trails there are more comfortable and better value pads here.


Sizes:S, M, L and XL