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BikeYoke Revive dropper post


BikeYoke Revive dropper post review


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The BikeYoke Revive is stunning, well made, easy to use and the most versatile post out there. It’s also lightweight and reliable.

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BikeYoke is a new, little-known brand from Germany that started life machining yokes to let Spesh Enduro riders swap out their shock. Next step was making a shifter-style trigger for the RockShox Reverb post, which led inevitably to its own dropper here, called the Revive — an infinitely adjustable, internally routed, cable operated post.

You can get it in a choice of two drops and both modern seat tube sizes but BikeYoke says you can also swap between tube sizes, all it costs is €40 and five minutes spanner time, perfect if you buy a new bike and want to take the post with you.

Inside the Revive there’s no internal floating piston, like the Reverb has, instead there are two tubes for oil and air, and an air spring that compresses when you flip the remote lever, and extends again when you release it. It’s a simple system that requires less servicing that other posts. Fitting was a doddle because the post has cut lines etched onto its bottom so you can figure out where to snip the cable, you can’t really go wrong.

bikeyoke revive

BikeYoke Revive review

I’ve been riding with the Revive for around four months now, and there’s absolutely no lateral play in the post. It still returns quickly and smoothly with a resounding ‘thunk’ sound and I’ve had no issues with snapped cables or sticky pistons.

Before every ride I’ve needed to bleed the post though, because air ingresses into the inner tube, which should be filled completely with oil. This sounds dire but a bleed takes just three seconds — turn an Allen key in the port on the side of the head, compress the post and it’s fixed.

It only happens when you turn your bike upside down (say, if you transport your bike) and BikeYoke says this problem will be overcome with the new Microvalve membrame on the new posts, out in July. This Revive function is staying though, a good idea because when other posts have air ingress they need a full service and strip down.

Much like the post itself, the lever is a work of art. It feels really solid and well made, with no hint of flex or play, and it’s ergonomically satisfying on your thumb thanks to the shape and the little holes machined into the surface. You can get it in a range of clamps to fit to your bar or brake, but getting it with Shimano I-Spec will add £15 to the £325 price.

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Some dropper posts have really low stack heights (collar to saddle rail measurements) so you can get your saddle as low as possible for a given drop: And some posts have really short bottom sections (collar to post bottom), so you can squeeze them into bikes with short seat tubes or those with suspension linkage-split tubes. Few have both, and that’s what makes the Revive the most versatile of dropper post on the market. It delivers a 160mm drop but with less post poking out the top and less disappearing into the bike than any other post there with the same travel.

The low stack height is thanks to a short collar and a squat post head, which is great if you ride a bike with a high seatpost, like the YT Jeffsy, and can’t get over the bike properly. Conversely, the Revive also has the shortest bottom section of any post out there, so it still fits into bikes with short seat tubes or those with suspension linkage-split tubes. How short are we talking? It’s a mere 264mm from the bottom of collar to bottom of post, 56mm shorter than the excellent Crank Brothers Highline and 5mm shorter than the Reverb.

The Revive is stunning, well made, easy to use and the most versatile post out there. It’s also lightweight and has proved very reliable. The bleeding fly in the ointment is small, but there nonetheless, and together with the high priceholds it back from a top rating.

Need more travel? BikeYoke is about to release the Revive in a massive 185mm length, with the Microvalve upgrade.


Weight:605g (inc. lever, cables and remote)
Sizes:30.9, 31.6
Drop:125, 160mm