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  • Fantastic grip and feel
  • Durable build


  • Weight and price a little high
  • Occasional pedal strikes


DMR Vault Flat Pedal Review


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Machined from an extruded piece of aluminium, the DMR Vault spins on a steel axle, with a sealed bearing at the outside and a DU bushing closer to the crank arm. Having used many pairs over the years, we’ve found them hugely reliable.

The platform is larger than most and it’s also slightly more concave, but it does sit in close to the crank arm, keeping your stance efficient for pedalling. A neat touch is that grip level is tuneable — the flip-flop pins can be inserted from the top or bottom for a longer or stubbier traction stud. They are also easy to replace, coming with both Allen heads and a hex bolt fitment.

With cutaway corners, leading platform edges offer more clearance to trail obstacles, but the best trait is that the roomy surface area affords close to perfect grip levels with the thinner studs. Shoes feel well planted, but are still adjustable enough to reposition if needed. The 17mm platform doesn’t offer the height reduction of some here, but all testers agreed that feel underfoot is class-leading in all conditions.

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There are cheaper pedals, but the Vault’s platform profile is impeccable and very durable. Our only criticism is their weight and the way that the outer edges stick out more than some rivals, which could lead to more ground strikes when leant over.


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  • Reddy

    Who says their scale goes up to perfect? No product is perfect.

  • Simon Collis (MBR editor)

    Computer won’t let us give it nine and a half.

  • Christophe Meursault

    well it isn’t perfect so why the 10? or do your reviews go up to 11?^^