Mick Kirkman


Mick Kirkman

‘Crusher’ Kirkman raced DH and 4X during the early ’00s at an elite level, but despite claiming to have retired, he still can’t resist going flat out down the gnarliest tracks around. Having ridden and raced bikes for years, he has over a decade of experience in rating and reviewing them, and often adds his expertise and knowledge to mbr magazine as a regular contributor to the mbr bike and product tests. His extensive knowledge and experience of bikes and products over the years means he has a lot to say, and is an expert judge on what’s good and what’s not.

Pirelli Scorpion Enduro M Race tyre

This new Pirelli Scorpion M Race model is the result of the brand busily developing new treads, casings and compounds. Also, the much softer rubber blend here stems from testing…

Rapha’s combination of fabric and fit is seriously effective at keeping you cool and airy when it’s scorching, yet it doesn’t use such an open mesh that it lets too…