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Chromag Contact


Chromag Contact pedal review


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Chromag’s new Contact flat pedal is beautifully machined from high-quality 6061–T6 aluminum and spins on a solid steel axle with a 6mm Allen key fitting.

The 100mm-by-100mm platform is a good size, and it also features a small amount of concavity — slimming down from 17mm thick at the perimeter to 13mm in the centre.

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There are nine pins per side, but you’ll notice there are extra mounting holes drilled into the body along the front and rear edges. These extra holes allow you to arrange the pins in any way you see fit, customising the grip.

The pins themselves are undercut slightly, a design feature that allows them to snap off rather than bend, which ultimately makes them easier to remove once damaged. Every pin has small washer fitted under the head; remove it and you can increase the pin length.

When setting up flat pedals for test, I remove the hind-most centre pin, because this is the one that usually grinds into my shin when my foot slips off the pedal.

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I then remove a centre pin from the outer edge, because I feel this allows me to tweak my foot position a little easier. With the Contact’s multiple drillings, all that has gone out of the window, because I’m no longer limited to specific pin positions.

I‘ve still removed the rear pin but I’ve actually placed more pins in the front edge, where most of the extra holes are drilled, and the grip is great.

The Contact doesn’t have the deep scalloped platform of the mbr test-winning DMR Vault, but the finish and bearings are way better quality.

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It may not be the thinnest either, but it’s stiff, solid underfoot and the multiple pin placement allows you to really tune the grip level to match your riding style and preference.

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