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The Magicshine MJ-902 2000 is great value, and bright with a long run time, even on full beam, but the lack of a head mount and the battery shape makes…

Score 7


There’s a lot of light on offer — the Lupine Piko 4’s twin lamps bang out 1,468 lumens on full beam. It’s a really intense white light, with a good…

Score 9


Good lumen count and beam pattern for a helmet light, but the Light and Motion Imjin 800 needs to improve the quality, shorten the cable and include a helmet mount…

Score 7


The Exposure Joystick Mk11 is at the upper end, price-wise, but low profile, lightweight and has a near perfect beam and focus.

Score 10


The Blackburn Central 700 RC comes standard with a stretchy rubber bar mount, but the light has a GoPro fitting, so you can bolt it directly to any helmet with…

Score 7


The NiteRider is almost as bright as the test-winning BBB, but it’s more expensive and 100g heavier, so it gets the runner-up slot this time round.

Score 8


The Lezyne Deca Drive 1500 XL is 30 per cent more expensive than the company’s Power Drive 1100 XL, but you get a third LED and a third more light

Score 8


Run time is impressive, on full beam the Hope R2 puts out 1,105 lumens. This is more than claimed and, is OK as a bar light if you add a…

Score 8


On full power, the Gloworm X2 Adventure only gets 1,222 lumens, but the beam is really even with no hotspots or shadows. A lightweight, well-made system, Gloworm just needs to…

Score 7


We’ve no doubt the Volt 1600 would make a great road light, but off-road it has a limited beam and is underpowered compared to the competition.

Score 7


BBB is a newbie when it comes to producing off-road lights, but as a first attempt the BBB Scope 1500 light is impressive.

Score 10


On paper Xeccon’s new Zeta 5000R has a claimed 5,000 lumens, but we measured it well short at 1,656 lumens.

Score 7


As the name suggests, the Magicshine MJ-908 8000 has a claimed 8,000 lumens, but when we ran it through our test sphere, it only recorded 3,758.

Score 9


What sets this Lupine Betty R14 apart from the competition is, not only the whiteness of the light, attention to detail, and quality, but its usability.

Score 9


With eight LEDs, the Hope R8+ is bright and has a wide spread and excellent reach. There’s plenty of fill-in light but we’d like the option to tune the brightness.…

Score 8


With over 4,000 lumens on full-beam, the Exposure Six Pack Mk7 packs a punch and you can see far down the trail when riding at speed.

Score 9


The Cateye Volt 6000 RC is a truly insane light. It puts out an absolutely incredible 6,624 lumens on full beam, which is 10 per cent more than claimed!

Score 7