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Tubeless tyres

Should you switch to tubeless tyres?

The case for Weight The setup weighs less. Yes tubeless tyres weigh slightly more but that’s offset by ditching your inner tubes, which weigh around 300g. Weight comes off the…


Best MTB shoes: mbr’s pick

Whether you ride flat pedals or clipless, you need a good shoe to deliver power through the pedals. Here’s our pick of the best mountain bike shoes for sale today…


Fox reveals 2015 forks

The Fox 36 is back, and along with changes to dampers, seals and lubrication oil, the suspension brand is aiming to get back in the game.


Panaracer Neo-Moto tyre: First Look

This is the new Neo Moto tyre from Panaracer. It’s intended for XC marathon use but at first glance it looks like a really decent trail tyre: Big, chunky side…


SRAM Trail House: new stuff galore (video)

Last month we were invited to Sedona, Arizona to ride SRAM's new kit including a relaunched Pike fork. Here's a bumper gallery and video from the event...