Specialized Stumpjumper Coil

Inspired by EWS royalty running coil instead of air, The Big S has announced a production run of the Specialized Stumpjumper Coil Carbon 29/6Fattie.

mountain bikes under £2,000

These are the best mountain bikes under £2,000, boasting top-quality frames, these bikes deliver performance surprisingly hard to beat.

scott e-genius

The new Scott E-Genius is as aggressive and progressive as the non-motorised Genius and the move to Shimano motor has had a big impact.

A revised Scott Genius follows on from last year's new Spark. The new Genius accepts pretty much any wheel and tyre size you can chuck…

santa cruz nomad

The 4th generation Santa Cruz Nomad may not sport 29 inch wheels but pretty much everything else has changed on this boutique bruiser.

ibis mojo hd4

The new Ibis Mojo HD4 is a full-tilt EWS-ready carbon enduro bike that's slacker and longer than ever. It will also accept 2.8in Plus tyres.

trek session 29

The Trek Session 29 can officially claim to be the world's first 'production' carbon 29in downhill bike. Availability is stated as October this year

calibre bossnut v2

The 2017 Calibre Bossnut V2 will have a longer reach, shorter stem, more tyre clearance, stiffer rocker linkage and an even more impressive spec.