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The best cheap mountain bikes

At MBR we believe that budget and beginner bikes are the most important in the sport – these are the bikes that will either hook you in to a new…

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The best mountain bikes for under £1,500

Given that full-suspension bikes start at around £1,000, but can go all the way up to £10,000 for Gucci custom-builds, it’s fair to say that the four £1,500 bikes in…

Cotic Soul

Cotic asks, do you have a Soul? (VIDEO)

Cotic and film makers Steel City Media have got into the habit of making scintillating hardtail riding videos of late. Sometimes funny, sometimes daft, they’re always about going stupidly fast…

Enduro test festured

The best enduro mountain bikes

Enduro is the hottest ticket in mountain biking right now, we cut through they hype and find the very best of the current crop of race-ready bikes.

Bionicon Edison Evo

Bionicon Edison Evo 2015 – First Look (VIDEO)

The new Bionicon Edison Evo enduro bike has arrived: part downhill bike, short-travel trail bike, and all new for 2015. With travel adjustment from 180-120mm the bike can toggle between…