All the latest bikes comprehensively tested. If we don’t think a product is worthy of our hard-earned, we won’t tell you to part with yours for it. That’s the promise we make with our bike and equipment tests. For all our tests we guarantee that:

1. They’re conducted by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable riders in the business.
2. Ratings are awarded only after a thorough testing process on a variety of terrain.
3. Tests are independent, and in no way influenced by our advertisers.

In most cases, we fit control tyres, bars and stems to the test bikes to ensure a level playing field and to highlight differences in handling. Tyre pressures are equalised to keep grip levels identical. We also weigh and measure the bikes ourselves, because this data doesn’t always tally with the manufacturer’s official figures. The numbers you read in the tests are the actual angles and measurements.

Our ratings are awarded out of 10, with 10/10 being the top mark.

1-4  Means something’s wrong. Possibly a design flaw or a major weakness.
5-6  OK – one or two faults but has potential
7  Worth considering
8  Very good – for the money, we’d buy it
9  Excellent – a slight mod or two and it might be perfect
10  Simply the best!


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Need to know: Full-carbon 160mm travel trail bike from Germany 2lb complete build Direct-to-customer sales model delivers a killer specification for the price. Entry-level version with the same carbon frame…


The Snabb name is shared across two platforms; a longer-travel E model designed for enduro, and a shorter, tighter T bike built for trail riding. There are two price points for…


The Ghost Kato 7 offers fun in small does in the £1,000 category of our Hardtail of the Year test

Score 7

The Bird Zero.3 has a top spec that nearly saw it win the £1,000 bracket in our Hardtail of the Year test

Score 8

We test the Pinnacle Ramin 3W for the second year in a row in the women's specific category of our Hardtail of the Year test

Score 9

The Trek Skye SLX impressed with its tuned fork and wheels size specific approach in the £750 women's category in the Hardtail of the Year test

Score 8

The Cube Aim SL comes in £50 cheaper than most entry level hardtails and still boasts some impressive components

Score 8