Pro rider Leigh Donovan has made some skills videos aimed specifically at female riders.

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There are 10 videos in total but we’ve highlighted five key lessons in this feature: Front wheel lift (the video above), Learn to bunny hop, Riding drop-offs, How to ride tight switchbacks and Downhill body position.

The great thing about mountain biking is there is always something else to learn. You can constantly push yourself to improve.

Seeing as Leigh Donovan is a BMX and Mountain Bike Hall of Famer as well as a Downhill mountain bike World Champion, she’s ideally placed to know what’s what.

How to do a front wheel lift

Video at the top of the page.

“Learning how to lift your front wheel over obstacles is easy. Check out this step-by-step video to discover how to lift your front wheel on your mountain bike.”

Learn how to bunny hop

“Learning how to bunny hop will help you get over obstacles, jump your bike and it is a fun trick to show your friends!”

Riding drop-offs

“Riding drop offs on your mountain bike can be intimidating, but you can conquer your fears! Before attempting a drop on your mountain bike, make sure you perfect the manual front wheel lift.”

How to ride tight switchbacks

“Learn how to navigate switchbacks on your mountain bike. Being able to corner confidently will help you feel more confident and go faster on the bike!”

Downhill body position

“Leigh Donovan is a professional mountain bike skills coach and a downhill mountain bike world champion. When it comes to riding bikes down hills, she is an expert! Check out this video to learn Leigh’s 5 key points to body positioning for riding downhill while maintaining control of the bike.”