Let trials maestro Ali Clarkson show you how to boost your bunny hops. Or, if you can’t do them yet, you can learn how to get off the ground.

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Although this video is titled ‘How to do MASSIVE bunnyhops’ it’s also well worth watching if you’ve yet to learnt art of bunny hopping.

Something that a lot of people may not want to hear is that Ali strongly recommends that you ditch clipless pedals and use flat pedals. SPDs will prevent you from learning the correct technique and really limit how far (high) you can progress.

Other handy little hints: get your seat slammed all the way down, don’t have your bars rolled forward get the rise sections of the handlebar in line with your head tube. All good to know.

Unlike a lot of how-to instructional videos, Ali also details some classic mistakes that you need to avoid making. Don’t just pull up with your arms, it’s a whole body motion that’s required. Don’t do the English bunny hop (yanking both wheels up in the air at the same time).

Even experienced mountain bikers may learn something from this video. For example, did you know there was such a thing as an ‘English bunny hop’? Or indeed, an ‘American bunny hop’? We didn’t.

It’s the best how-to bunny hop video tutorial we’ve seen so far. Well done Mr Clarkson.

Video description

Ali Clarkson: “Hi everybody, today’s video is all about bunnyhops! I’ve seen there are lots of videos on YouTube about how to bunnyhop but I’ve yet to see one that tells you all the tips needed to get MASSIVE ones. I figured as they’re one of my favourite tricks and I can go pretty high (125cm personal best, not seen many people in the world go higher than that) I would try and explain how to do it. I’ve included the very basics as well as the techniques needed to get 120cm+ so hopefully there’s something for everyone.”