Very often cycling can be a sport of marginal gains and this is especially true in Enduro racing. When you’re racing over three days on some the craziest terrain known to man, you need to ensure that you and your bike are totally prepared for it but also that you don’t make any silly mistakes that are likely to have you off the bike and out of contention.

As Enduro remains rooted in the everyday riding that most of us enjoy, these skills can translate really well to your trail riding as well. So, what can we learn from racing that can help improve our experience out on the trails?

In the second part of our everyday enduro series, successful amateur racer Toby Pantling is going to delve into his years of enduro experience and pass on the advice that can transfer from the race track to the trail.

Race stages

Although you may not race on your local trails, the racer’s mindset can give you the confidence to push your limits.

Setting sag

Now is the time to sort your suspension set up, it will make a massive difference to your riding

Tyre choice

The more grip you generate, the more you can enjoy the ride. Find the right ones for you here

Perfect vision

You can’t ride if you can’t see. Use goggles or glasses to keep your focus on the trail

Riding under pressure

Enduro mistakes 2

Don’t let that rider buzzing your back wheel intimidate you, use it to your advantage and remember it’s harder for them to follow you

Use the flow

Flow is about more than just fun, it means you can conserve energy and get free speed from any undulation in the trail

Conserve for overall speed

If you try to go flat out for a whole ride you won’t get very far. Learn to use your energy reserves smartly for overall speed.