So after watching part one of our Art of Flight series you’ve mastered hops and drops and have a solid foundation for jumping. This month it’s time to step up those skills as he shows you how to jump tabletops and doubles.

Once again pro dirt jumper Olly Wilkins from DMR bikes will be your coach on how to jump on a mountain bike confidently and safely.

Tabletops are great for learning how to jump because they are so forgiving, you can hit them as slow as you like and still roll away. The key to going bigger is finding the right tabletop for you. Look for a jump that isn’t too big, practice the technique and start to build up your confidence.

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Progressing to doubles

The only difference between a double and a tabletop is that the middle has been removed. Obviously this comes with far more risk and intimidation so make sure you’re confident you can clear it before proceeding.

The best bet is to follow a friend in to the jump, this way you can be sure of the speed you need to clear it.

That really is all you need to know on how to jump tabletops and doubles. With a bit of practice, you’ll soon be wowing your friends with your jumping skills. Check back next month for more skills tips.