UnReal has provided some stunning moments and arguably some of the best mountain bike segments in history. You need to look no further than Brandon Semenuk’s One Shot or the Whistler Dirt Blizzard to see just how far the athletes were willing to go for this film.

However, as we all know, if you get to close to the edge, sometimes you fall right off it – this video shows just that.

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It seems the hardest section for the riders to shoot were the ones on the glacier with just riding around on the slick ice providing a challenge. Keep an eye out for the massive overshoot as well, we’re not sure how he walked away from it.

However, the nastiest crash comes from Tom van Steenbergen’s guinea pig run on the jump that would be used for the biggest ever frontflip. It may not go well first time but he came back to nail it later for the final film.

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Thankfully it seems that none of the riders were actually hurt in the filming process and their efforts were worth it to create such a stellar movie.

If you want to see all of UnReal you can download it on iTunes now.