On the sixth day of Advent we bring you something straight out of your wildest day dream.

Every skier dreams of experiencing a powder day. Light fluffy snow falls from the sky and you can ride virtually consequence free with a cushion of soft snow to protect you.

This is something mountain bikers could never experience as the two sports are polar opposites. Our trails are as old has the hills themselves, crafted over millennia by sedimentation and erosion and no matter how dusty it may get, it still hurts when you fall off.

looking up at dirt snow blizzard unreal

That is until now. The above video is the final scene from the UnReal movie. This is a movie that takes mountain bikers wildest dreams and makes them a reality and in this section Ian Morrison, Matty Miles, Thomas Vanderham and Finn Iles wanted to experience a mountain biking powder day.

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The concept creates a really awesome video with the riders ploughing through banks of dirt and some awesome slow-mo shots. This is not the only skiing inspired video to come out recently, check out the trailer for Darklight that took its inspiration from the famous Afterglow ski film

The full UnReal film is available for download on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play and also features glacier riding and horse herding sections.