Just not quite as versatile as other semi-slick tyres

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Onza Ibex


Onza Ibex tyre review


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Onza Ibex tyres are suitable for either end of the bike, and blow up big for good grip and comfort. They are designed for mixed conditions, but work best on bone-dry and rock-hard summer trails.

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With different carcasses, widths and weights available, there’s plenty of scope to choose between tougher, lighter or softer tyres. The 120tpi casing 2.4in version here strikes a good balance for trail and all-mountain riding.

Supple and conforming over lumpy terrain, the Ibex delivers good off-road rolling speed considering the size of the chunky tread blocks but the carcass can twist a little under hard cornering forces.

It closely resembles the Maxxis High Roller II, but the lower, more angled ramps along the crown make it roll a tad faster. The flipside of this is that it can wheelspin when attempting greasy technical climbs. In fact, while the Ibex rips in the dry, Onza’s rubber blend isn’t the most assured in slimy roots and rocks.

Braking traction is very solid, and the tread blocks do a pretty good job of wearing uniformly without starting to rip or peel off the casing like some other tyres can do after heavy use.

Ultimately though, the Ibex is not quite as versatile as other semi-slick tyres here, yet still costs the same.


Size tested:27.5x2.4in