Any multi-tool worth its salt has to have some form of tubeless repair and that’s exactly what you get with the rejigged Crank Brothers Multi M20.

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Crank Brothers Multi M20 Tool


Crank Brothers Multi M20 Tool review


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As you can tell from the name, the Crank Brothers Multi M20 has 20 individual tools (listed above) but also a small clip-on treasure chest, which if you flip open includes several sticky rubber tyre plugs. These are designed to plug any holes in your tubeless tyres and are inserted using a sort of fishing needle. The idea is you thread one of these little rubber worms into the tread using the needle and it sort of sticks together enough to plug the hole. Obviously, it’s not an exact science and the plug can take a bit of manoeuvring and it can also break away if you leave the bike to cook in the sun or you just ride the tyre too hard. Ideally this sort of plug is a makeshift repair to get you home, it won’t fix the tyre permanently, although I’ve heard stories where it has.

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Included in this little treasure chest are also two indents for a chainlink, which is another one of the current trail tool must-haves. If you don’t run tubeless you can easily ditch the tyre plugs for some glueless patches or a compact puncture repair kit.

The other tools on the Multi 20 are pretty standard fare with a good array of Allen key sizes, two of the most common Torx keys, a chain tool for stripping out damaged links and a couple of screwdrivers for derailleur re-alignment. The arrangement is a little congested, and I found getting the tool into the bottom of a seatpost clamp tricky – I actually prefer a longer, thinner tool, because you also get a bit more leverage, handy for tightening a crank bolt or pedal.

Over the years I’ve tested many Crankbrothers tools and the M-series are some of the company’s best. They’re based on an old-school Allen-key block, so are easy to use and the quality is top notch. If you run tubeless, the Crank Brothers Multi M20 is a worthy addition to your arsenal and if you don’t, I still recommend it because it has everything you need for most tweaks and repairs.


Tools:Chain tool, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm hex, Phillips, flathead, three spoke keys, T10 and T25 torx